New Illustration Project Underwater

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I started another large illustration, I think it’ll be a mixed media digital/paint.


New Octo-puss Illustrative print

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I’ve updated my “octo-puss” illustration in order to get more of a poster print thing going. It is available for print (in many shapes, sizes, and formats) on RedBubble but I wanted to post a higher resolution image.

A much needed enhancing of the already awesome Octo-Puss!

update: recent work

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I just finished the programming for the client side of the “recent work” slide show.

Coming Soon

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I’m almost to a launch-able point in my portfolio site. I seem to have a few bugs in some of the Java Script, and seeing as I’m not really a programmer it might take a little while.

Getting there, now to find those pesky bugs.

Threadless Loves Horror III 3

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A new part of the book I’m doing for the Treadless Loves Horror III contest.

Red Bubble Stickers

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I got a package from today. ~woot~ Here are the stickers I had made from my illustrations, they came out pretty good (if I do say so myself).
You can head over to my profile if you have any desire to check out my work.

Skull test, mutant fish, broken bells, flying elephant, mecha pidgeons, mecha snail

Some stickers I recieved from (my illustrations)

Threadless Loves Horror III 2

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Little Book of Horror

Mr Bright Eyes

Here is a little detail shot of my illustration project for Threadless Loves Horror III. Honestly I’ve already given out 3 fives and a four so I probably don’t stand a chance, but I’m not going to give up now that I’ve put all of this work in.
This is of course the eyes of the yet unnamed beast.